Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Life lately...

Well lately i seldom active QSO on any repeater ot simplex. Except on 146.550 where i usually ragachew wif local ham. however still not as much as before. Nowadays being busy wif work n family, i hardly grab the mic n work any station on the VHF. well when i got a chance to take the mic n qso i will sure take that opportunity... like last weekend i did make a dx contact with a station in taiping. this is possible maybe due to the antenna that i'm using right now which is the double 5/8 bought from another local ham.

The antenna has been in my store room quite awhile... then i went to a iron workshop to make a boom n joint it wif a satellite dish holder ( ASTRO receiver dish). i havent got time to take the pic yet. later when the mood come then i will post up pic of my new antenna setup.

until then... 73 fm me de 9w2acy